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How Energy Influences Matter

Nov 9, 2021 | Leaflets

How Energy Influences Matter

The Earth is a magnet. Your body is also a magnet. Ancient cultures, especially Asian cultures, have known this for thousands of years. Your north pole is your mind and brain, and your south pole is your body at the base of your spine.

When there is a flow of energy moving through your body, just as with a magnet, there is a measurable electromagnetic field surrounding the body. When we are living in survival and we’re drawing from the invisible field from around the body, we diminish our body’s electromagnetic field. In addition, when energy is stuck in the first three survival centers because we are caught in a thinking and feeling loop, then there’s less current running through the body and there is less of an electromagnetic field.

The body then becomes more matter and less energy (or more particle and less wave

If there were a way to get this energy that is stored in the first three centers moving again, the current would resume flowing and the body would recreate the electromagnetic field.

The breath does just that—it gives us a way to pull the mind out of the body and to move all that energy from the first three centers up the spine to the brain restoring the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. Once that happens, we can use that energy for things other than survival. Let’s take a look at the way our physical bodies are constructed so we can understand what makes that possible.

Your sacrum, your spinal column and your skull are the bony structures that protect the most delicate system in your body: the central nervous system, which controls and coordinates all other systems. On top of the flat surface of the sacrum sits the spinal column, which extends all the way to your skull. Inside that closed system is the central nervous system, which is made up of the brain and the spinal cord. The spinal cord is actually an extension of the brain. The skull and the spinal column protect this most delicate system.

The central nervous system is one of your body’s most important systems, because it controls and coordinates all the other systems in the body. Without the aid of the central nervous system, you couldn’t digest your food, you couldn’t void your bladder, you couldn’t move your body and your heart couldn’t beat. You couldn’t even blink your eyes without the nervous system. You can think of the nervous system as the electrical wiring that runs the machine of your body.

Inside this closed system is cerebrospinal fluid that’s filtered from the blood in the brain. This fluid bathes the brain and the spinal cord, and it’s responsible for giving the central nervous system buoyancy. It acts as a cushion to protect the brain and spinal cord from trauma and it flows in various rivers and paths that transport nutrients and chemicals to different parts of the nervous system all over the body. By its very nature, this fluid acts as a conduit to enhance electrical charges in the nervous system.


Going back to the sacrum. Every time you inhale, that sacrum bone flexes back slightly, and every time you exhale, it flexes forward just a little bit. This is an extremely subtle movement—too subtle for you to notice. Even if you try. But it happens. And at the same time, you inhale, the sutures of your skull (the joints between the individual plates of your skull, which fit together like pieces of a puzzle and give the skull a degree of flexibility) open up just slightly, and as you exhale, they close back up.

The movement of your sacrum back and forth as you slowly breathe in and out, along with the sutures of the skull opening and closing, propagates a wave within the fluid of this closed system and it slowly pumps that cerebrospinal fluid up your spine all the way to the brain, passing through four chambers called cerebral aqueducts or ventricles. If you were to tag one molecule of cerebrospinal fluid and follow it from the base of your spine all the way up to the brain, and then all the way back down to your sacrum, you’d see that it would take 12 hours to make a complete circuit. In essence, you flush your brain twice a day.


The so-called pulling breath is about contracting, locking and squeezing the intrinsic muscles of the first three centers and pulling them up as if you were drawing the energy and breath up through a straw to the top of your head (your brain) and then hold the breath in order for the pressure to build before releasing it totally. This is done with intensity and repeated- ly. As you contract the intrinsic muscles of your lower body and at the same time take a slow steady breath through your nose, while placing your attention on the top of your head, you accelerate the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid toward your brain and you begin to run a current through your body and up the central axis of the spine.

That is significant because cerebrospinal fluid is made up of proteins and salts in solution, and the moment proteins and salts dissolve in solutions, they become charged. If you take a charged molecule and accelerate it—as you would if you pulled that molecule up your spine—you create an inductance field. An inductance field is an invisible field of electromagnetic energy that moves in a circular motion in the direction the charged molecules are moving in.  The more charged molecules you accelerate, the bigger and more powerful the inductance field.


As the inductance field is created by acceleration of the cerebrospinal fluid up the spine, it will draw the stored energy in the first three centers back to the brain. Once there is a current flowing from the base of the spine all the way to the brain, the body becomes like a magnet and an electromagnetic torus field is created.  

Think of the spinal cord as a fiber-optic cable that acts as a two-way highway simultaneously communicating information from the body to the brain to the body. Every second, important information is relayed from your brain to your body (such as the desire to walk across the room or to scratch an itch). At the same instant, a lot of information from the body is carried up your spinal cord toward the brain (such as knowledge of where your body is in space or the signal that your hungry). Once you accelerate these charged molecules in one direction up the spine, the resulting inductance field will reverse the current of information flowing from the brain down through the body, and it will then draw energy from the lower three centers up the spine to the brain.


The field of electromagnetic energy you’ve created is a three-dimensional field and as it moves, this energy creates a torsion field or a torus field. By the way the shape of this electromagnetic field is a familiar pattern in the universe; this pattern shows up in the shape of an apple as well as in the shape of a black hole in a distant galaxy. By doing this breathing technique you’re starting to stir stored energy in a very big way. If you do it correctly and you do it enough times, you are going to wake up a sleeping dragon.  

Evolving the Energy to the Brain

Once the energy becomes activated, the sympathetic nervous system (a subsystem of your autonomic nervous system that arouses the brain and body in response to a threat in your environment) turns on, and energy begins to move up from the body’s lower three energy centers to the brain.  Instead of the body being aroused because of some external condition, you are turning on the sympathetic nervous system by passionately engaging the breath from within. As the sympathetic nervous system starts to merge with the parasympathetic nervous system (another subset of your autonomic nervous system that relaxes your brain and body, such as after a big meal), it is as if traveling energy from the lower centers is ejaculated into the brain. When this energy reaches the brain stem, a gate called the thalamic gate opens up and all that energy is permitted to enter the brain.

Once this energy that was initially stored in the body enters the brain, the brain produces gamma brain-wave patterns.

In contrast, the brain produces high-range beta brain waves when the body releases stress hormones, allowing you to be super alert to danger in your environment.

In addition to seeing more energy in the brain after this breathing technique, we have also repeatedly observed more significant amounts of brain coherence. As you do this powerful breathing technique, you are drawing the energy that’s been stored in those lower three centers—the energy you use for orgasm and to make a baby, to digest a meal, to run from a predator—and instead of releasing it out into chemistry, you’re going to draw it up your spine like you would draw fluid up a straw, and release it into your brain. In fact, there is a tube of energy or light called the prana tube running along your spinal column. Prana is the Sanskrit name for “life force.” Yogis have known about this tube—which is not a physical structure but an energetic one–for thousands of years. This tube is considered etheric because of the electrical information in the spine that constantly moves through it. The more energy moves in the physical spinal cord, the more energy is created as light in this tube. And the more energy created in this tube, the more energy moves in the spine and the greater the expression of life.   

Moving this stored energy—energy that may have been stored for decades—takes an act of intention and will. To evolve your limited survival emotions, as an alchemist turns base metals like lead into gold, you are taken self-limiting emotions like anger, frustration, guilt, suffering, grief and fear and turning them into elevated emotions, such as love, gratitude and joy. You must be inspired to become more energy than matter, using your body as an instrument of consciousness to ascend your energy.

When doing the breath and the energy reaches the top of your head, while you keep squeezing those muscles in your perineum and your abdomen, you increase the pressure inside your spinal cord and spinal column. This pressure, called intrathecal pressure, is inside a closed system and you’re pushing against your insides. All that energy and spinal fluid is specifically directed; up your spine and into your brain.

When that pressurised fluid reaches the back of your brain stem, all of a sudden, the lower brain centers like the brain stem, cerebellum, and limbic brain open up to this energy through a cluster of nuclei called the reticular formation. That energy then passes through the thalamic gate up to the thalamus (the part of the brain that relays signals from the sensory receptors) located in the midbrain, which serves as a junction box.  Next, all of that stored energy moves directly into your higher brain center, the neocortex, That’s when gamma waves begin to occur. When the energy reaches the thalamus, it is also relayed to the pineal gland and something amazing happens. The gland releases some very powerful elixirs, one of which anesthetizes the analytical mind and thinking brain. 

Embracing Elevated Emotions

Once you’ve pulled the mind out of the body, out of the survival centers, it’s time to recondition the body to a new mind, which involves elevated emotional states.

We now know that it’s the environment that signals the gene, not the other way around. If an emotion is the end product of an experience in the environment, it is the emotion that turns gene expression on or off.

When you embrace these elevated emotions in this meditation, what you are actually doing is signalling your genes ahead of the environment. The body does not know the difference between an emotion created by an experience you are having in the outside environment and an experience you are creating internally by embracing this new, elevated emotion. So, when you embrace that elevated emotion and think thoughts that are greater than the self-limiting ones that kept you stuck in the past, your body begins to prepare chemically for the future (because it thinks that future is happening now). In other words, if you do the meditation correctly enough times, the body responds as though the healing or any condition you are manifesting in your environment has already taken place.

These elevated emotions have a higher (and faster) frequency than more base emotions, like guilt, fear, jealousy and anger. And since all frequency carries information, when we change the frequency, we change our energy. That new energy can then carry new information—a new consciousness or set of intentions or thoughts. The more elevated the emotion, the faster the frequency and the more you feel like energy instead of matter—and the more energy becomes available to create a more coherent energy field, shifting further away from disease and more toward health (or for that matter, toward signalling any gene).


Think of your genes as a library of potentials. There are infinite combinations of gene variations that can be expressed in those latent genes. They are waiting for you to activate them. There are genes for an unlimited genius mind, for longevity, for immortality, for an uncompromising will, for the capacity to heal, for generating tissues and organs, for doing the uncommon etc. It’s all equal to your imagination and creativity. As you signal any of those genes ahead of the environment, your body will express a greater expression of new proteins for a greater expression of life.


Taken from Chapter 5: Becoming Supernatural- Dr Joe Dispenza

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