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See below for links to Marjolein’s articles. These are notes given to students at regular intervals as there is no time in a yoga class to do justice to the vast yoga literature that exists.


In not a too distance past before the development of the sprawling cities and metropoles people were part of the journey through the seasons and their particular challenges, especially those people who were dependent on their land for daily sustenance.   Many of...

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Prana: The Vital Energy

Individual and cosmic pranaIn most of the yogic texts, the term prana is associated with the lifeforce or bioenergy. Many people even use the word prana for oxygen, confusing it with the subdivision of prana vayu, which regulates the heart and the lungs.But when we...

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How Energy Influences Matter

The Earth is a magnet. Your body is also a magnet. Ancient cultures, especially Asian cultures, have known this for thousands of years. Your north pole is your mind and brain, and your south pole is your body at the base of your spine.When there is a flow of energy...

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The Chakra System and Modern Levels of Development Part 1

The chakra system describes the energetic structure through which we organise our life force. There are all sorts of ways to understand and demarcate human development and there are therefore different kinds of stage conceptions. All of them are useful depending on...

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Calming Effect Of The Shoulderstand And Bunion Advice

One of my students has enthusiastically offered to help with the birthing and layout of a regular yoga leaflet, which will highlight some of the many underlying aspects of yoga practice. It can also include net-working. She is travelling at present so I will simply...

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